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Editorial Reviews. Review. “Kevin Dettmar, having been an American college student in the '70s, is―in an odd way―the ideal author to write the 33 1/3 series volume #91 about British post-punk band Gang of Four's album Entertainment!.
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Lauderdale and Largo as liuing testimonies: and it's hands can be seen reaching out to the needy in Orlando. Tarpon Springs and St. It's heart can be felt in touching, seeking and pointing the liuing dead to life everlasting in Tampa, Dallas and Newark and it's uoice. I was neuer a beginner trying to begin a beginning; for. I was in the beginning before the beginning began to be. And because of what He has made us see and you, made us feel, we are even more determined to Love Him and Serve Him much better than we've ever done before.

BMI - C. BMI - M. Gardner T. BMI - H. Jacobs God Will Provide 9. BMI - R. Lauderdale Nikki Roberts, St. Biggham Carlton L. Burgess Herbert C. Jacobs Saundra Jones Rev. Robert Price Rev. Walter Richardson Jean Y. Jones Earl B. Riddles Printing, Winter Haven, Fla. Marmalard and Sherlock, T. Anita was unusually pleased with both arrang- ers, Marty Paich on the first side and Russ Garcia on the second; the co-ordinator, Barney Kessel; and she even insists on accolading the engi- neer whom she only knows as Mr.

She is, in short, quite happy about the date, a situation that is not always the case with the outspoken Anita who is as hotly spontaneous in her conversation as in her singing. It turns into a tour-de- scat for Anita that a few other contemporary vocalists could sustain. But then heat is the element Anita brings to everything she does. On a rare occasion, when the smog lifts, the Hollywood sign can he seen nestled in the hills watching over her magic kingdom.

We have chosen the Hollywood Sign as the theme of this record because it is the dream of all young rockers to he able to stand on Sunset Strip and' smile at the sign that has made Los Angeles famous. Costello Tom Machingo Jr. BOX Haywood, Cal. Printed in U. Unauthorized duplication is in violation of applicable laws. Hollywood mornings D. Hernandez Not exactly your usual song, this sound experience was the feeling performer Had Man Mac experiences every morning.

Subways K. Vidal Kevin Vidal performs this song with sim- ple ease. Many people do not know that L. Lady E. Hernandez Bill solos on this number written to that special dream woman that we all long to meet. Simple Song IB. Hernandez Another song performed entirely by Eill. All songs on side one were recorded live on location. All songs copyright All songs produced by D. This record is a collector's item.

The sound quality is not equal to that of regular records. Tucker Watermark is a trio of rockers from the Eell area of Los Angeles. The song keeps us all in tune to the fact that at one time or an- other in our lives we all dance on thin ice. Paine Centaurus is a light fingered, heavy metal band from the undergrounds of Hollywood.

This song come from their first album. Cold Emotion N. The Last Tune B. Tucker Whistler's Erother has given a very unusual end- ing to a most unique package of songs. Recorded at Mystic Sounds Studio, Hollywood. Produced by Nick Paine. Songs 1 A 4 copyright Azra, produced by Eill Tucker. Centaurus previously released on crystal clear vinyl on Azra Records. Executive Producer: D. Evelyn M. It's "Because of You" this album became a reality. I also want to give very special thanks to my Producer. Frank E. Qualls; the Lord has truly blessed your heart. E Qualls - 5 II 1.

T Dean -3 40 2. E Qualls — 4. Dean C. Holland Miranda H. Dean Jacqueline Dean Keva L. Dean Renee L. Dean Lead Guitar: Calvin C. Thorpe Keyboards: C. Dean Bass: Darnell C. Dean F. All Rights Reserved. Made in U S A For booking inlormntlon. Mark, B. Knazniak Billy Holiday Pub. Webster, Fain Warner Bros. Gimbel, C. Fox Fox Fanfare Music, Inc. They play twenty instruments between them and they all sing solo as well as in a group. Some people can walk on both hands, and one of my cousin's kids can write backwards.

Some people have it and some don't. Not only do the Kings IV have it, they make you enjoy it. For instance, after you've seen my cousin's kid write backwards once, who cares? Alan Ladd called my attention to the boys — he saw them in Tucson while shooting a picture. On his recommenda- tion I saw them and loved them and took them to the Sands Hotel in Vegas with me, and they tore down the house. They also appeared with Judy Garland. Now that I've dropped a few names, you know what a big name league these boys travel in.

However, not only can they play all those instruments with ease and sing a pretty song, they are very funny men — natural adlibbers. Mind you, not that I'm envious in the least, but there are four of them to my one. One other thing, though, they can play any kind of music from jazz, modern and dixie, to Rock and Roll or vice versa, whichever your preference. I've made mine clear. How do you get to be that talented?

The main hang-up for most people, I think, is the development of what they have. I'm sure there's a lesson to be learned from the background of each of these boys — their musical back- grounds are similar enough to draw the lesson. They were all boy geniuses. It's that simple. Now we all know that having a genius for something is a handicap, and each of the Kings IV handled his handicap beautifully.

Stan Worth, took up the sousaphone at two years old and won a sousaphone contest at three. Bill Kay, started the trumpet at six and had his own Polka band working weekends by the fourth grade. Frank Ciciulla started his first band in ele- mentary school and wrote, produced, and directed his first variety show as a senior in high school. George Worth, Stan's brother, fought his genius as long as he could, but he gave in as a weary old man of eleven and started on the tuba. By the time he entered high school, he was also playing bass and trombone in the school band.

My cousin's kid can't even read yet. They were so successful in all the dates that they played at mili- tary installations that they decided to stay together when they got out— of the Air Force, that is. Recording engineer Ben Jordan. Cover design Stephen Haas. This is a High Fidelity Recording. Adlusl equipment to the R. Their first professional date broke the walls. They broke the records too, but they literally broke the walls -three times. He ended up, in the six months that they stayed, breaking through his walls three times in order to take care of the crowds -and a lot richer.

Needless to say, the Kings IV have been working ever since. Actually, I was filled with professional good will to hear that they had landed a three year contract with the Sands which will keep them working until I can be as tolerant as the next one. But back to this record. I think the most exciting thing about the Kings IV is that even in sound they are visual. This quality is alive on the record whether they are mak- ing fun of that one customer in the audience who always thinks he can sing or whether they are singing a tune straight.

Incidentally, their spoof of rock and roll on this record. Screamin' Mimi should be issued as a single. I'm sure it would reach Top Ten in no time. The most important factor in the success of this group is their ability to entertain. The opening number on this record. Paper Moon is good, plain, and pleasant jazz of a kind to make any- body's foot pat with an understanding beat. The point is that few groups today, whether vocal or in- strumental, know how to entertain, how to put on a good show for the people who spend their money to buy records or pay admissions.

It may only be necessary to get one hit tune to hit the big time money once, but it takes the additional talent of showmanship to keep on making it. The Kings IV do. I've seen them break a room up and I've seen them bring dreams to a woman's eyes — that's talent. Treglia - tras. Bertuzzo 2. LLO C. Mamprin Mamprin-Bertuzzo 3. Mamprin 3.

Bertuzzo 5. Bertuzzo 6. Bertuzzo Hertel - tras. Mamprin 7. Mamprin 6. Bertuzzo Treglia - tras. Bertuzzo 9. Here is singlemindedness of purpose and singlemindedness of sound that becomes something beautiful. When this gifted musician gives voice to the gospel-organ, something beautiful fills the air. Cospel melodies absorb the listener. Novella's playing engages the mind and spirit. The organ sings and lilts and lifts.

It has the feel of time and space and a sense of great drama. It is a deeply-dedicated transmittance of the power and insight of church folklore. For ten years she is now 21 Novella has dedicated her career to music and religion. She has played in many of the churches in and around Nashville and is presently the national organist for When Singers Meet, Inc.

In Miss Williams played piano for the Hemphill Singers She is totally proficient as a saxophonist and drummer, too. The gospel-organ, as it is kindled by Novella, has a chanting effect, an enchanting effect. It combines the traditional and the modern. It is exhilarating, moving, illuminating. It is primitive beauty. It sings with Rev. Clarence Dorsey at the piano and Edward Gee the drummer in lucid language.

It is dedi- cated to Reverend and Mrs. Jonathan Greer. It is dedicated to Armenta and Carrie Lisa Williams. Lancaster, Mass. Side 1 1. Horley 2. Recorded and Mixed at Magnolia Recording, N. NYC, N. Liz Story uses Stemway Pianos. Ana Betancourt. Congratulations Tess and Lorry. Here is a giant of a quartet, with "giant sized" men — men who sing from their hearts, and above all else, live what they sing!

I believe the Kingsmen are the fastest growing group in gospel music today. They are very popular everywhere they go, and after listening to this new album, you'll know why, as they sing the most beautiful arrangement of "The Unseen Hand" that I have heard yet! What Love Fox-Kingsmen Pub. Sing Hallelujah Hill-Kingsmen Pub. When The Redeemed P. Eastern Gate Martin m 3.

Sadie Cantrell, and Lady Corder : Temptation. Soul of Sadness, firing Me Home. Sammy Dodge. Music bv E. Willow Way Music. Ku , Willow Wav Music. Country 'toad Music. Marla In U. F Dinflbuted by W. But alas, when Judy's ottoman is delivered to her bridal suite uphofstered with beige piping instead of mushroom, it is a portent o things to come. Her new marriage lasts a mere six hours, with Yale collapsing of a heart attack while consummating their nup- tials on the bathroom floor.

Poor Judy. She runs from her new home, her country club member- ship and her new butcher block table, hiding in a motel room for eight days — the first time she's ever been alone in her life. In the midst of her misery, she hears a radio show that changes her fife. What she finds is Fort Biloxi.

Mississippi: a gray Army compound with many latrines she has to scrub under the watchful eye of Capt. Lewis Eileen Brennan , an officer with no soft spots for spoiled re- cruits. It's a comedy of hilarious errors as Judy deals with a lustful Colonel who makes a pass at her feet in the air— there are war games, ten mile marches, and a general re-education for Private Ben- jamin.

Goldie Hawn and the U. Army: an unbeatable combination. Doreen Lewis. Clay Thornbush. Mary Lou Glass. Government Allege ions ol copyright infringement done wilfully and for profit will be investigated. Convictions may result in lines up to S Civil damages up to S It pits farmer against rancher, innocent against evil, weak against strong. Van Heflin is Starrett, trying to support his wife Jean Arthur and child by farming. He is beginning to succeed, despite the threats of the local cattle baron, Ryker. It is Alan Ladd, as Shane, who comes out of the lonely landscape to help Starrett farm, and eventually to use his bravery and skill as a gunman on behalf of all the farmers when Ryker hires a gunman— Jack Palance— to drive the "sod-busters" off the land.

What gives "Shane" its special stature as a mythic film is the character played by the young Brandon De Wilde. He is Starrett'sson; he adores Shane: more, he worships him. Joey reflects the awe and wistful identification we all feel for the heroes of the American west, the men who fought the good fight in a simpler time, when courage, bravery and honesty were powerful weapons in the hands of a man who could also shoot straight.

Joey gives the story of "Shane" true dimension. It stars John Wayne in one of his best roles. It was Wayne's depiction of Sergeant Stryker, hardened veteran, battlescarred and angry, which earned him his first Academy Award nomination. The movie remained one of Wayne's most popular.

In , the year "Sands of Iwo Jima" was made, Wayne ranked fourth on the annual poll of box office appeal. The following year, he was first. A statue, inspired by the photograph which captured forever a single moment in the time of war, now stands in Arlington National Cemetery. Stryker's ruthless training tactics have earned him the enmity of the recruits he is trying to turn into fighters. One of them, Peter Conway, has a special reason for his feelings about Stryker, who had served under his father, Colonel Sam Conway.

When the men are sent to Tarawa and Stryker risks his life to blow up a bunker, the leathernecks begin to appreciate him as a soldier. On leave in Hawaii, they begin to understand him as a man. But it isn't until Iwo Jima that they are able to join him to win the marines' most glorious victory, and to feel triumph in themselves as well.

John Agar stars as Peter Conway. While the movie won plaudits when it was released, Wayne was especially singled out for praise. When John Wayne had his hand and foot prints added to the sidewalk in front of Hollywood's famous Grauman's Chinese Theater, the sand used in the cement was shipped in two hundred pound sacks from Iwo Jima. It honored John Wayne as an actor, and hailed his performance in a film which tells a compassionate story about men and is, at the same time, an epic tale of war and victory. The copyright proprietor has licensed the program contained in this videodisc lor private use only and prohibits any other use, copying, or reproduction In whole or in part : Copyright o Hepublic Pictures Corporation Manufactured and distributed by RCA SelectaVision a division ot RCA Corporation.

NViv York. All songs published by Arista Music, Inc. LeBlanc, H. Line, K. LISA 3. A was m ihe lost Gnu Menagcnc Pegasus 74 , and The Alimas P Aom Heller hast mu, AS. BTIws e T'vG. A6 B2 B4, P8. A7 imVxmre A. IP lot mormiun 69 , wasnShia Up 8l. A4, AS. W, B7. NowHawii Hcw. Rich Weinberg ternr.

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Johnny Z. Ultra high fidelity 8-inch 33Vh flexidisc attached to an excessive anti-Racist folder. A Hypno- Tech 7-inch 45 rpm disc complete with a politically am- biguous sleeve. Eastern-influences, haunting tone, lush texture. Patti Page. An unorthodox marriage of "GB" and "Punk" aesthetics resulting in some mutant offspring. This is about the only time I could mean as a true compliment the statement that this guy really blows.

This new recording captured the group live at their 15th prep school reunion. Absolutely authentic in sound and spirit. Get it before all the collectors do. First edition numbered and in very limited quantity. AA More in-depth research and development into the nether- world of "Musique Noire. Impress your friends with this intellectual yet Rootsy piece of highly important trivia. A concept album revealing 14 inter- esting collaborations between the King of Arf Arf hum- bly yours, Erik Lindgren and reams of talented Boston and beyond musicians.

Not to mention the intruguing musical filligree in- between the tracks. An imperative artifact for those inquisitive enough. Could this be a rare "Hall and Lindgren" collaboration? Or is it just more Space Negros doing one up and out on New Wave? Buy it and find out for yourself. Be sure to wear comfortable shoes while listening. One of the mainstays in the jukebox at The Rat. Flip reminds us that 'The Blues' are still a viable art form. In very limited quantity. Features John Hovorka from the 2x4's. Comes with as- tonishingly cool jacket. Special numbered limited edi- tion second pressing of only 75!!!

Nice art sleeve too. And you'd swear that was the Brighton Pier on the pic- ture sleeve. The flip sounds like the music for one of those boring indus- trial training films that your boss insists you watch. Wonder why? Previous fans will be comforted to know that each cut features solid rip-roaring kazoo blasting in a manner that only "Moose" could produce.

Get Away From Me

A must! The side concludes with the soundtrack to Pink Inc. Kenne Highland, the Demons of Negativity, and more. Absolutely authentic in spirit and attitude. Produced by Erik Lindgren. Side two consists of 8 instrumental com- positions which explore 20th Century contemporary classical trends. Amaze your friends and family by giving Santa the boot!

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And excessive. Comes packaged in a sleeve Fritz Lang would be proud of. Plus added attraction of the trance-like "And Many, Many More" on the flip. Both sides lots of fun— your mother would hate it. Produced by bandmember Erik Lindgren. You will enjoy at least one side of this record. For all occasions. Incense not included. Includes some never-before released tracks from the Arf Arf files and an alternate version of "Play With Me. Ideal for commercial producers and filmmak- ers who are looking to license music for broadcast and non-broadcast usage. Each track Is slated by name and time and musical styles represented range from high- tech to classical to jingle beds.

Comes with sturdy plas- tic box and accompanying booklet describing each casette program. Quantity discounts available. Make check or money order out to: Art Arf Records, P. Box , East Dennis, MA Guitar: Mystra Bradley. Voice: David Olan Lee. Piano: Mignon Shreve. Voice: Natiti Stanigar. Harmonica: Virgil Smith.

Percussion: Gaius Martin. Jew's Harp: Silas Elash. Piano: Philo Lien. Small Choir. Mandolin: Gaius Martin. Violin: Justinia Bradford. Organ: Philo Lien. Clarinet: Gaius Martin. Harpsichord: Philo Lien. Arrangement for Choir: Philo Lien. The Ann Ree Colton Foundation is a non-profit foundation blending religion, philosophy, science and the creative arts.

No one knows the naked beauty of a city better than a policeman. No one sees its stripped down sordidness like the officer on the beat. That is why the television series, "The Naked City," tells its stories of the big town through the eyes, the voice and the heart of a veteran cop. This story of "The Naked City" is a straight-from-the- heart tale.

A small town girl struggles to make her dream of stardom come alive in the big city. It follows her rise from a cheap night club to the big-time musical stage. It is the story of her escape from the grip of a vicious hoodlum, of her deep-down love for a boy from the West and, how, after scoring her triumph, she abandons her bitterly-won fame and glory and leaves the city to be with her true love. Conducting the orchestra in this recording of "The Naked City," is Morris Stoloff, a one-time classical violinist, who leaped from relative obscurity as a movie studio music de- partment head to the fame of having the nation's No.

It was his film scoring that sparked the leap — actually his sound track recording of George Duning's now famous counterpointing of the theme from "Picnic" with the stand- ard, "Moonglow. John Mclntire, who plays Lt. Muldoon, a year veteran of the force, is himself a film and broadcast veteran. Dur- ing the 's his voice was heard in dozens of soap operas and frequently in the productions of Norman Corwin and Orson Welles. Among his laurels are two Academy Awards for best song of the year and many more nominations. One glance at George Duning's impressive list of credits for motion picture musical backgrounds is solid proof.

This Is The Naked City 2. City Within a City 3. He Plays It Cool 5. From The Top of the Tower 2. Girl Makes Good Live Dangerously 3. Jazz Chase 4. Solid Food, Solitude and You 6. Primed in U. To all my fans who have inspired me throughout my career.

Get Away From Me

Blackman Executive Producer T. SI Louis. SI Loms. Ilute; Washington. Ill, Concertmasler. Atlantic City. St Croix. Vrgm Islands. Ill; Surtland. Now York. D Phil Oxon Chairman. No Hollywood. Source of Yellow is a trio from Brooklyn whose complex tonal interplay of the low-end, and their ability to throw sudden and sweeping rhythmic gestures, makes for music of unique beauty. Their latest, a 3-song EP titled The Said, saw its official release on Twin Lakes on September 18th and turned a lot of heads in the following weeks.

We are now proud to announce the reissue of their self-titled debut LP on vinyl. Here's what Avant Ghetto had to say about it the first time around: "Source of Yellow, a Brooklyn trio consisting of bass, drums, sax, and a plethora of electronics and assorted sound generators, are a true beacon of light in the seemingly eternal talentless night that has fallen on the NYC music scene. Combining metronomically precise krautboogie ur-rhythms with walls of textured electronics and sparse inventive sax playing, Source of Yellow play music that would have been right at home on both the Brain and ESP-Disk record labels.

They are indebted to the great innovators of free music's past without cannibalizing them, blazing a new direction away from the necrophillic tendencies of modern music. Source of Yellow's unique ability to pull in the harmolodic for a hug with the gothic in a muddy dance stomp, where the psychedelic spectrum encompasses true tonal weirdness as well as compelling housebroken sounds, makes this one of those records. At the beginning and end of it all are three people making brilliant noises sometimes knowingly, it seems, and sometimes maybe acting the vessel, but probably trembling and smiling all the while.

Enjoy the enclosed promotional copy of Source of Yellow's self-titled debut LP. Your readers can purchase a copy from our website, each of which comes with a free download code. Downloads are also available separately. For more information contact Michael Kiefer at twinlakesrecords gmail. WA jrj?

The album consists of twelve goth-punk tracks, punctuated by instrumental electronic compositions. Like Help! The horn lines are intricate rhythmically but tuneful and down to earth melodically. They offer the open spots for drums typical of the modern manifestations of the old Kansas City shouts. This is apparent in Like Help! In the case of Say What? Bob Wilber's Pink Ice, a charming tune, is a standout in the mainstream of today's jazz formats. The ensemble sections of Cottontail, an Ellington composition from the swing era, demand and receive a different treatment from the drums.

This character- istically more conservative approach to filling in the open spots helps the new arrangement to preserve the original flavor, while directing it into more modem channels. The arrangement itself is more than just a clever restatement of the melody. Each section of the tune reveals to the listener a different face of the structure, and when the final chorus and stomping coda come to an end, a thorough exposition of a remarkable tune has been accomplished.

Despite the fact that the drums are busy throughout the album, there are no extended solos or passages longer than a full chorus! The solos are woven in and out of the fabric of the arrangements. Some shorter bursts of percussive activity are evident in the ensemble pas- sages and serve to fill the spaces in the horn line, or in some cases, such as the last release of The Lady Is A Tramp or the coda of I'll Take Romance, to com- plete the rhythmic pattern of the horns.

There is an energetic and joyous atmosphere in this album that suggests, in the ensemble passages particularly, the all-out stomping spirit of singers and dancers in a jazz stage show. Though many musical sins have recently been committed, in a superficial and sterile search for excitement, this too shall pass. Enthusiasm generated by real emotional intensity has been one of the evident qualities common to every periodic resurgence of interest in this growing music that now belongs not alone to America, but to the entire world.

Bob Wilber has a large share in this album, as he scored all the tunes. His playing throughout this album is a joy. It is rare for one player to combine such a gorgeous tenor sound with such swinging lyrical lines. For someone who plays as boldly and adventurously as Phil, these cun- sistently high performances are just short of miraculous.

His car and his time-feel are so advanced that there is seemingly no harmonic puzzle too abstract for re- solution, and no rhythmic limb too high for him to jump off, to an unerring landing. Jim Nottingham is one of those few extraordinary trumpeters who can claim to be a belting lead man as well as a fine jazz player. Though Jimmy's reputation had gone before, Jim Chapin heard him at first hand in Ray Bloch's orchestra when Jim, as a member of the Marshall Grant Trio, sat in with this orchestra on a few occasions as accompanist to the singer Julie Wilson.

Marshall quickly sketched a brass background for the arrangement, a two chorus stomper, and without adequate rehearsal, Jimmy Nottingham march- ed it right down the middle, so the whole thing came off beautifully. You will find him equally at home on these recordings. Hank Jones is another professional. The type of player whose brilliance is often overshadowed by his competence and versatility One sometimes has to make allowances for specialization in the purely brilliant musician, but no matter what the medium of pianistic expression, Hank has it covered, brilliantly.

Even more complimentary, a poll of bassists themselves would find a goodly number concurring in this consensus of opinion. His is a happy style, and his beat is sup- ple, but indomitable. His choice of notes in the construction of his lines, of course, is totally delightful. What kind of drummer is Jim Chapin? The par- able of the four blind men and the elephant seems singularly apt here.

You will remember that they compared it variously to a snake, a wall, a tree trunk and a whisk broom, depending on what part of the animal they had contact with. That Jim is as many-faceted as this pachyderm is indicated by the following com- ments culled at random from drummers: "Jim?

Since Jim wrote the lines for both of the blues numbers, Say What? Damns SHI! S'EvE '. Sian Umbetl, Qr. Mmng Engineer. Richard AVor. Teddy Dunn, Craig Bryanl, G. Gordon's Cul Above SI. Louis Jim Cottee. Annette Simpson, Run D. THE 8,'G " manic sis. Kerr-V, Kerr-L. North Borgon, N. Printod in U. Es dificil de igualar en la musica latino americana, pues Machito domina cualquier ritmo a perfeccion, bien sea e!

La popularidad que ha obtenido en norte y sur Ame- rica se la debe mayormente al mambo v luego al cha cha cha. En este Album, Machito realmente se luce en sus interpretaciones, por lo que va a ser muy dificil sen- tarse a escucharlo solamente. La musica tiene un ritmo tan exitante que invita a bailar. Asi es que cuando pogan este Album en su tocadiscos, le aconsejamos que enro- llen la alfombra porque alguien va a comenzar el baile.

El ritmo de Machito es irresistible.

Entertainment News NW-December by Entertainment News NW - Issuu

Los numeros que Machito ha seleccionado para esta demostracion de Mambo y Cha Cha Cha son tan exitan- tes como su estilo. Aquellos que desconocen la mu- sica latina y a Machito jamas olvidaran este disco. Esta orquesta, la cual se organizo en el , esta compuesta per 14 musicos, dos cantantes, Machito y su hermana Graciela. Machito y su orquesta se han presen- tado en los mejores sitios de los Estados Unidos y del al , recorrieron toda la America del Sur en exitosa gira artistica. Hace solo unos anos que esta orquesta participo como atraccion central en el con- cierto "Mambo U.

He is a master of them all whether it be the already mentioned mambo, the cha cha cha, the merengue, the rhumba, etc. In this album, Machito really goes to town with the mambo and cha cha cha tempo. It is an album that is difficult to just sit and listen to. It moves at such an exciting rhythmic pace that you want to move along with it.

The safest thing to do when you put this album on your phonograph is roll up the carpets immediately because someone eventually will get up to dance. The Machito beat is hard to resist. And so are the numbers that Machito has selected for this mambo-cha cha cha display. And for those who are new to both Machito and the music, the first hearing will be an expe- rience that will long be remembered.

Facebook Twitter Instagram YouTube. News Ticker. Home News Books Goodfellas. Christmas Comics. Classic Rock. One Dude. Four Books. Ferris is a Pittsburgh native relocated to nearby Akron, Ohio, which spawned Devo and a host of do-it-yourself heroes. He studied and interviewed creators for 20 years. Then he got in the game. You can be a metalhead, a dad, and an organizational leader at the same time.

Over three decades, its status as a cultural touchstone has only grown. Paperback includes index. From Press. ISBN X. The iconic thrash metal group announced its retirement and final tour this year. This update has six new chapters, 24 new pages, and a new look. ISBN paperback. Music biography. He was a metal dude. The long-running comic strip Suburban Metal Dad chronicles the daily grind of an aging hesher with a family and a mortgage to pay. Even though very much wants to. The second Metal Dad compilation collects seven years of Christmas and holiday strips.

The comic recently hit no. DIY masterpieces.