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How to Be the Luckiest Person Alive, Again. I am mentally ill. And I'm in a mid-life crisis. I'm dishonest. And I'm a horrible father. And I think with my dick.
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So as it turned out, she married a music man who also owns a club in New York City and opened her own business in mid-town Manhattan. We met up and have been in contact ever since, be it at the club to see a band or just online. A day or two after our initial meet-up, I was inspired to somehow put down what happened in a song. For me, the friends of my youth are the ones I have the strongest bonds with today. As you can see by the lyrics, the song is fairly literal.

How have you been? Tell me about the kids. Remember this or that? What happens in marriages, as time goes by, is that two people get so used to the situation and so comfortable in their shoes that they forget how lucky they really are to have someone. I realize this about my wife all the time. As with a lot of the songs I record, I started with the drum track.

How to Be the Luckiest Person Alive! by James Altucher

I already had the lyrics and most of the melody in my head so I just charted it out and got to work. The song was not that difficult to record, actually. It mainly consists of variations of a big A chord. The bass line is quite simple. Lots of A hits with the occasional little fill-in riff.

Next, I added some keyboard parts.

2 Reasons This Dad Says He's the Luckiest Man Alive

I put some electric piano on top of the bass which blended well. In the pre-chorus parts and the bridge, I added some regular old piano which filled out the song a little and gave it some more life. The guitar parts are all done on the Martin acoustic — even the leads. I was adding the acoustic strumming in the main parts of the song and when I was done, I added another track and put some light crunch on the guitar sound. The acoustic, when played through this amp simulator had a nice sound that just seemed to fit the song and since I was already plugged in and holding the acoustic, I figured why not just do the lead now.

The vocal is pretty loose. I just went with it.

From near death escapes to multiple lottery wins, here are the luckiest people alive.

The little backups were fun to do. In retrospect, I realize that the song might be a little too long.


See his mother and his father again. His siblings. But no. Here he was, in a prison cell. Tied up to the teeth with chains and restraints. Unable to move really.

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Unable to escape. So today I met Sebastian Stan. He told me he loved me and he smelled really nice. Kept it very calm while I was clearly very excited. Asked how I was doing. I really hope you all get the chance to meet with this lovely man. I feel like the luckiest person alive. JavaScript is required to view this site.

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Is super clingy and affectionate all the time. Make-out sessions are passionate and super intense to the point where it often just ends in the two of you frantically ripping each others clothes off.

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You practically become siblings with all of Exo. They love to help you tease Chanyeol and stick up for you. Chanyeol is super protective of you when it comes to saesangs. He has security guards on you at all times whenever you two go out to events together.

How To Be The Luckiest Guy On The Planet In Four Easy Steps

All of his songs will be about you tbh. Whenever he has finished a song he will always sing it to you just to see your reaction. Even if you protest, he just loves seeing a smile on your face. He always wants his actions to match his words. They have a harmful look for your heart Taurus : when they stare into your eyes you can feel their big and generous heart. They can allure u in one second, they can make u fall in love into an instant, be aware where u look Keep reading.